GU10 bulbs will not fit inside SGU10 fittings but SGU10 bulbs are compatible with GU10 fittings

You should never modify fittings or the bulbs to make them go into fittings.  This can expose live electrical parts and cause a fire risk as well as causing other undesirable conditions.  Modifying any of the products we supply will invalidate the warranty.

Yes, our LED bulbs can replace existing lights as long as the fitting type is the same.  240 volt lighting like the GU10 bulbs will work without any issues as long as they are not connected to a dimmer switch (unless they are dimmable LED’s).  Bulbs like the MR16’s which use a 12 volt, power supply will work with most transformers, however a few types of transformers will not work with LED lighting.  After installation of the bulbs, if the bulbs flicker, come on and then immediately go off or just won’t turn on at all, it is likely your current transformer is not suitable for use with LEDs : If this is the case, you should contact a qualified electrician who can fit a compatible LED driver which will replace your old transformer.

The majority of light fittings will accept our LED light bulbs so replacing the existing light fittings should not be required.  If you are in any doubt as to whether the bulb will fit, check the size of our bulbs (found on the specifications page) with the bulb you intend to replace.

The technology in the bulbs we supply allows them to adjust to different types of transformer and more often than not, the LED bulb will work.  If however the bulb comes on and immediately but then turns off, it flickers or just doesn’t come on at all, you will need a constant current LED driver.  Don’t continue to use the lights if any of these symptoms occur as it is likely to damage the bulb and invalidate your warranty.  Always consult a qualified electrician if you suspect your current transformer isn’t compatible.

If you are replacing an existing light, remove it and you will see details about the type of fitting printed on the bulb.  Sometimes the writing is quite small but all bulbs should have this information on them and this will correspond to the list of bulb types in our bulb fitting options.  Alternatively you can shop by bulb shape and as long as you look at the pictures on our website and they look the same as the bulb you have removed, they should fit.  If you are replacing halogen lights be careful to look at the connector on the bottom of the bulb.  There is a 12 volt (GU5.3) and 240 volt (GU10) fitting and each is different.  One type has ‘pegs’ and the other has ‘pins’.

Yes you can do this if you are replacing non LED bulbs with LED versions and the wattage of the LED is less than that stated on the fixture.  If however you have purchased an LED fitting with an LED bulb, you should not increase the specified wattage with a replacement bulb.

LEDs' generate very little heat compared to traditional bulbs and relying on your existing lights to keep your house warm is not very energy efficient.  Firstly you don't always want heat, so in the summer for instance you are heating your house when you probably want it to be cooler.  Secondly, heat rises so heat from ceiling lighting will stay close to the ceiling and therefore won't benefit the occupants of a room at all.  Thirdly, it's much cheaper to heat by gas, or biomass, than electricity and your boiler should have a thermostat to control the level of heat.

Fittings in a bathroom, shower room or wet room should be at least IP65 rated and should be fire proof.  We suggest if you are refitting one of these areas with new lighting you choose a 12 volt lighting system like the MR16 type with the GU5.3 pins.

25° beam angle lights produce a light more like a spotlight and are perfect for illuminating individual objects or areas like a corner or a picture.  The 40° lights are better for general lighting where you want a just want to light a whole area with a uniform spread of light.

The shape and size of the bulbs can vary slightly in length and width, depending on the manufacturer of the halogen bulb you intend to replace with an LED bulb.  Fire rated fittings or certain bathroom fittings in particular do tend to be a little tight for space and we recommend you test a sample of one of our bulbs to check it will fit if you are planning to buy a large quantity of lights.  Higher wattage versions of the MR16 shape bulbs (6-9 watts) do tend to be longer than standard lamps so check if the fitting will allow a longer bulb.  Dimensions for all of our lighting products are shown in the specifications section of each product.

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