Posco is a South Korean company and they are the 4th largest steel manufacturer in the world.  They have an LED lighting division that produces domestic, commercial and industrial lighting to very high standards of quality.  Posco LED products can be found in the Asian division of Tesco and other large retail stores.  We are the sole, official partner and distributor for Posco products in the UK and parts of Europe.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are semiconductors which emit light when an electrical current is passed through them. LEDs have been used for many years but only in the last few years has the technology developed so they can be used to replace traditional forms of lighting. LED lighting is now commonly used in the automotive industry, and businesses throughout the world are converting to LED lighting because of the benefits LED’s offer.

High operating temperatures typically above 50°C created by the fitting itself or by the surrounding environment can shorten the lifespan of LEDs, whilst decreasing their efficiency.  The cooler an LED operates (down to -30°C) the better it will perform, both in maintaining light output and also lifespan.  The average lifetimes quoted for the bulbs and fittings are typically based on an operating temperature of 25°C so if your fitting is used in temperatures above this, it is likely to reduce the life of the LED.  Similarly if the operating temperature is lower, you are likely to get a longer operating life.

The LED lighting we offer has a number of advantages over traditional, older forms of lighting.

1.       LEDs are very efficient at producing light.  Older lighting is very inefficient, generating lots of heat rather than light so energy savings of up to 85% can be made by making the switch. Incandescent (filament) type bulbs only convert approximately 5% of their energy into light.  Other forms of lighting like fluorescent and energy saving bulbs are better but are still not very efficient compared to LEDs.

2.       LED lighting has an excellent operating life of between 15,000 and 50,000 hours, compared to energy saving lights which last approximately 5,000 – 10,000 hours and as little as 1,000 hours for filament type lighting.  When used in the home, our LED lighting typically operates in excess of 15 years under normal use.

3.       LED bulbs and fittings are generally less bulky and weight less than other types of lighting.  This is particularly the case with the LED fittings we offer so installation becomes easier.  This also provides greater flexibility when it comes to mounting the lights.

4.       Our LED’s are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic materials such as mercury.

5.       None of our led lamps contain glass.

6.       The LED’s don’t emit harmful infrared or ultraviolet rays and they don’t flicker like other types of lighting, whilst offering different colour temperatures to suit every application.

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