Lighting is something we tend to take for granted; we flick the switch and the light comes on. We use lights every day to illuminate our homes but the traditional forms of lighting we have all used in the past are not very efficient.

LED lights have several advantages over older forms of lighting and these include:

Energy savings up to 85%:

  • LEDs are very efficient at producing light. Older lighting is very inefficient, generating lots of heat rather than light so energy savings of up to 85% can be made by making the switch. Incandescent (filament) type bulbs only convert approximately 5% of their energy into light. Other forms of lighting like fluorescent and energy saving bulbs are better but are still not very efficient compared to LEDs

Better quality of light and colour options:

  • The LEDs don’t emit harmful infrared or ultraviolet rays and they don’t flicker like other types of lighting, whilst offering different colour temperatures to suit every application

Long operating life. Up to 50x that of some bulbs:

  • LED lighting has an excellent operating life of between 15,000 and 50,000 hours, compared to energy saving lights which last approximately 5,000 – 10,000 hours and as little as 1,000 hours for filament type lighting. When used in the home, our LED lighting typically operates in excess of 15 years under normal use

No glass:

  • None of the bulbs we supply contains any glass. This includes all components inside the lamp as well, making them safe and easier to recycle

No hazardous substances

  • Our LED lights are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic materials such as mercury.

Switching to LED light is easy and more affordable than ever. We only supply the highest quality products at the best prices. The LED replacements are designed to fit existing fittings so you can swap your old lighting to our LEDs, and enjoy all of the benefits.

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