Colour Temperature Guide

Unlike traditional forms of lighting, the LED lights we supply are available in a number of colour types to meet all requirements. Most people tend to go with a mix of lights of different colour temperatures throughout the home, picking the colour they feel is most suited to a particular room or area.

The colour temperature of the light emitted by bulbs and light fittings is measured in Kelvin (K). These values on their own are unlikely to mean much to most people, so in order to make it easier to understand we have produced this colour temperature guide for our LED bulbs.

We offer a range of 5 colour types to choose from:

The ‘correct’ colour is very much a question of taste and everyone’s idea of what light looks better can be very subjective. The room pictures below show the colour variations between very warm white and very cool white so you can get a good idea of how the various lights will look.

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to look better with a cooler white, while areas where you tend to relax are generally more suited to warmer tones.

If you particularly like the colour of your current, traditional lighting (halogen for example), bulbs in a warmer white are the closest colour match.

Neutral white strikes a good balance between the warmer and cooler tones and is a good all round choice.

Very cool white (5700K) is the lightest and brightest light we offer but a few people feel the light produces slightly blue tones. It’s the least ‘restful’ colour we offer and may not be the best choice for areas where you relax. It is however a popular choice for areas where detailed work is performed and is also particularly good for outdoor applications.

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